Men's ON Cloudmonster 2 - High Cushion Road Shoe

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The Men's ON Cloudmonster 2 is perfectly balanced with cushion and responsiveness. This is an everyday trainer that can handle those high mileage long run days while remaining highly responsive.  


What’s New

For those who have worn the Cloudmonster the Men’s ON Cloudmonster 2 has a higher volume forefoot and increased stability. Additionally the window displaying the speedboard on original Cloudmonster been filled with Helion™ Superfoam preventing the colletion of rocks and debris. The loop lace system on the 1st edition has been replaced with a hoop system that allows for more flexibility across the tongue fitting a larger range of foot shapes.  


As far as ON's road shoes go this is probably their best road running shoe. For those looking for the optimal balance of cushion and energy return the Men's ON Cloudmonster is one of the best. It offers excellent responsiveness for those going at long run and everyday speeds. We would not consider this shoe an uptempo or workout day shoe for most runners. In our opinion this shoe is a reflection of what ON has been working towards during the last 5 years with their Helion™ Superfoam, CloudTec® Pods and Speedboard®. It is an excellent everyday/long run training shoe that offers a nice snap in the toe off. For those in Saldia, Co this is the go to shoe for running on asphalt and concrete and for those working on their feet all day. 


  • Helion™ Superfoam

This is made from chains of molecules running horizontally and vertically within the midsole. These chains enable soft impacts on the foot strike while the horizontal chains create a stable ride with a snappy toe off. The Men's ON Cloudmonster offers ON’s best combination of cushioning and propulsion on the toe off. 

  • CloudTec® Pods

These are the largest pods that ON has offered on a road running shoe. The pods allow runners to absorb impact directly where their footstrike occurs thus providing a high level of energy return directly from those impact points. Unlike other running footwear where the kinetic energy from the footstrike is distributed throughout the entire midsole the CloudTec® technology allows the energy return to be consolidated within each individual pod. 

  • Speedboard®

Situated between the CloudTec® Pods and Helion™ Superfoam every Speedboard® in the ON running shoe quiver is designed specifically for each style of shoe. The Men's  ON Cloudmonster's Speedboard® provides runners with improved running economy on long and easy runs. We recommend the Cloudmonster for any long duration and everyday effort.  

  • Recycled Upper

Made from a total 35% recycled materials this upper provides a snug fit with a breathable/seamless sockliner. Compared to the previous model the Men’s ON Cloudmoster 2 has a higher volume forefoot. The laces are held in place with a hoop system that allows most runners with semi-curved to curved shaped foot to be securly held in place without hot spots. The tongue is centered on the top of the foot allowing the laces to lock down directly over the dorsum of the foot. The heel is secure as well but we dont’ recommend it if someone has a wide heel.

  • Feel

While the stack of height of the Men's ON Cloudmonster is high we wouldn’t consider this shoe as cushioned as the Hoka Clifton. Unlike other high stack height shoes the cushion has a firmer feel but with the benefit of a more snappy toe off. We feel this shoe has a similar feel to the Nike Invincible line. If you want a nice balance of cushion and energy return this is the shoe for you. 

Men's ON Cloudmonster 2 Specs

Heel to Toe drop 


30mm to 24 mm

300 grams 

Eur 43